Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ).  To see the answer, please click on the question.

Do you have a City or Village "N" Aerial photos, for the 1941 or 1942 years?

What is the "Report of Coverage"?

What is the "Sortie"?

Got the "Report of coverage" but can not open any photographs specified in it. Where are the Photographs?

Can I immediately order the scans of aerial phographs without ordering of the research and creating the "Report of coveage"?

What are the Original material of the Aerial Photographs?

Are you scanning from film or paper?

What scanners do you use for digitizing of Aerial Reconnaissance photographs?

How much time takes to make the "Report of Coverage" for my AOI?

How much does the digitizing process of Aerial Reconnaissance photographs takes?

In which format do I receive the digitized image?

In which software I will can open GPS-binded Aerial Reconnaissance photographs?

What is the "Preview", and how to use it?

If you will can't find any related sorties for my AOI, according to the specified time-frame? What happens with the prepayment?

I've ordered and paid for two exposures, but the one of them is missing. What will happens with the prepayment I've made for the missing exposure?

Can I just send you an e-mail with my AOI and the time-frame to order an aerial coverage research?

I have received the electronical copie(s) of exposure(s), but it have poor quality, due to original material defects. Can I receive a refund for my order?

You've scanned some exposures for me, but I can't find something I looking for on these exposures. Can I refund money for that order?

Why you didn't found any exposures for my AOI, during specified time-frame? I know the Germans and Allies were made many many flights in that area. Why that's happens with my order?

What is the detailed sorties or the not detailed sorties? What difference between them?

I don't have much of knowledge in the scale of the exposures. Please tell me what the difference between the scale of 1: 38000-1: 40000 and the scale of 1: 20000-1: 15000 and so on?

Can you tell me, do you have any already scanned exposures of my AOI? Can you do that withou placing an order and making of the prepayment?

Within what Archives do you work?

Too many scamers in the web. I'm scared of them. Please tell me, when you founded your service? Do you have any publical made orders? How I can take a look at them?

Will you help me in the recognition of the objects present on the exposures?

Can I pay you by the payment method, which is not present in the contact-offer?

How will I know if you digitized exposure with the right date? I mean with the date, which is suitable for the time-frame, which's specified within my research order? Some of the received electrincal copies of the exposures have date, some doesn't have.

7 days from my payment passed, I've paid for my order on friday last week. Today is friday of this week, but my order is still not ready. Why?

Why exposures with the detailed scale have less coverage than less detailed exposures?

Does it make sense to order the search for the exposures which were made within the winter time? Everything will be covered with snow and nothing will be seen. Am I right?